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The images in the photo gallery are RAW images as shot by the camera. They are not adjusted or cropped yet- some may look a little darker or lighter- it doesn't matter- this is for viewing only- the final print will be perfectly adjusted. Judge your picks on pose, facial expression and your "gut feeling". All cropping will be as tight as possible for the size of the print you order. Any distracting objects such as doors, walls, overhead lights, etc. that are in some of the photos will be cropped out for the final print. Remember- You can crop a head shot out of a full body shot if you like. Click on your name below and enter your username and password to view. You might want to create a "favorites" folder on your desktop, start dragging your faves into it and start whittling down from there.

You will receive a free CD of the jpg's (low-resolution for web view) for every print that you order.

The Web Photo Gallery uses "low-resolution" images with a watermark across the image for web viewing only! Don't waste your time and try to print them- They won't come out good.

Jennifer Williams/ Kayla Brittany/ Marcia Roberts/ Gia Vechio/ Susan Williams/ Lia Williams/ Jennifer Cross/ Antionette Gallo/ Thomas Quinner/ Simon Dropkan/ Josh Andrake/ Lisa Smith/ Gillian Vermanni/ Louis Morgan/ Gina Regoletti/ Taylor Anderson/ Etta Fernandez/ Freata Morgan/ Maire Pontolillo/ Karie Thomas/ Amanda Wheeler/ Victoria Wheeler/ Rashad Martinese/ Joanne Butrose/ Amy Carroll/ John Giovani/ Kerry Belagio/ JoAnn Woodriff/ Nick Zane/ Cary Simons/ Jon Bates/ James Santangelo/ Emily Swanson/ Buta Smith/ Karl Depetra/ Joanne Brighton/ Abby Johnson/ Carla Brighton/ Jeneen Smith/Robert DeRollo/ Matt Hunter/ Kayla Martin/ Emma Prosak/ Dana VanBune/ John Bates/ Martha Cummings/ Carly Vallet/
Robin Zane
/ James Patrelli/ Noel Carter/ Benjamin Smith/
For the best in Syracuse High School Portraits